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Rug Renew Rug Repair Services

Rug Renew is dedicated to providing our customers with the most comprehensive and safe area rug cleaning, repair, and protection services possible.

Hand Repairs

Rug Renew provides hand repair services to keep your antique Oriental, contemporary, designer, and custom-made area rugs in good health and looking their best, even when daily use, pets, or over-enthusiastic vacuum cleaning causes damage. Almost all of the repairs are done right here on location. In some rare instances, your rug may qualify for reweaving services overseas by our weaving expert in Turkey.

Repair Services - Hand Repairs
  • Frayed corners
  • Loose side cords
  • Missing side cords
  • Pet chewed areas
  • Pulls and sprouts
  • Box-cutter damage
  • Small holes
  • Plant rot
  • Worn lines
  • Vacuum damage

Fringe Repairs

Typically, it’s the vacuum or a pet that does the worst damage to your fringes, but because they lay out flat across the floor, the act of simply walking across them can cause damage. Even more so in a high-traffic area. It’s important to keep the fringes intact before they unravel into the pattern of the rug to protect any value the textile might have.

If your fringes have become damaged, we will gladly talk to you about a repair that will help restore some of their beauty while securing the ends of your rug!


  • Missing tassels
  • Abrasion
  • Breakage
  • Bleach rot
  • Unraveling
  • Extreme wear

Dye & Color Correction

Don’t throw away a favorite rug just because the dyes have bled! Chances are that our color correction specialist can save the area rug that you thought was ruined – and for less money that you might think. Improvement over perfection is our goal with this kind of service.


  • Water or flood damage
  • Pet urine stains
  • Harsh spot cleaning
  • Aggressive carpet cleaners
Repair Services - Dye Bleed

Persian Rug Fringe Repair

Expert Hand Repairs For Your Heirloom Rugs

In case your rug fringes have suffered damage, we would be happy to discuss a repair option with you that can both enhance their appearance and secure the ends of the rug.


Missing tassels






Bleach rot




Extreme wear