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Can you clean my rugs at home rather than having to send them out to you?

When rugs are surface cleaned in your home, we are unable to flush out pet urine and greasy soils, and we cannot break up and remove impacted dirt. The kinds of chemicals and pre-sprays used by carpet cleaners are far too harsh for the fibers and dyes used in most area rugs and will permanently damage fiber texture, dye stability, and overall health of your area rugs.

Rug Renew is dedicated to cleaning area rugs the RIGHT way. In our studio, we have the necessary tools and time to treat your rugs the way they should be treated – with care and caution. Everything we have on hand in our shop is designed specifically to be used in the care and maintenance of area rugs and the delicate fibers and dyes they are made of.

Please refer to the Area Rug Cleaning section of our website to learn more about this service.

Oriental rug in a living room in San Diego