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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve put together several of our most frequently asked questions and answers for you.

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Oriental rug in a living room in San Diego

Can you clean my rugs at home rather than having to send them out to you?

When rugs are surface cleaned in your home, we are unable to flush out pet urine and greasy soils, and we cannot break up and remove impacted dirt. The kinds of...
New Fringes - Rug Repair

Can the fringes of my rug be repaired?

Most definitely! Rug Renew provides all kinds of hand repair services to keep your rugs in good health and looking their best, even when daily use, pets, or...
Fiber Protectors

Do stain protectors actually work?

They do! We highly recommend having us apply a professional-grade fiber protector to your new or newly cleaned area rugs before anything has a chance to spill or stain...
Rug Renew Rug Pad

Why are rug pads necessary?

Besides feeling great under foot, rug pads reduce wear to the fibers of your rug over time by acting as a shock absorber. They also protect your flooring from gritty...

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